Important Privacy Policy Points

Here we are
Why do we gather people’s data, and what do we do?


Following a visitor’s engagement with the site’s comments area, our organization collects the data shown in the comment form.
In addition, to identify spam, we need to know the IP address of the user and the browser they use.

When you upload photographs to the website, you should ensure that the location data (EXIF GPS) associated with such images are not included. Because each time a visitor downloads an image from your website, he has the opportunity to gather information about your location.

When you leave a remark on the site, the website will automatically keep your name and email address as cookies. However, it would help if you weren’t concerned about it because it’s done for your benefit so that you won’t have to fill out the forms once more when you submit another remark.

When you go to the page where you log in, the website will place a temporary cookie on your computer to determine whether or not the browser is set to accept cookies.
This cookie does not include any personally identifiable information about you.

If you visit the page where you log in to our site, we will place a temporary cookie on your computer to determine whether or not your browser can receive cookies. This cookie does not include any personally identifiable information and will be deleted once the browser is closed by the user.

Cookies are also created on your computer to preserve your personal information when you join the site. This includes your username and password and the settings you’ve chosen for how the site displays content. Cookies for logging in remain valid for a few days, whereas display preferences are retained for an entire year. The moment you click the “Remember me” button, your login information will be stored securely for two weeks. The cookies used to identify you will be deleted when you log out of the site.

More cookies will be stored in your browser for convenience when publishing an article. This cookie does not include any personally identifiable information; all stored in it is the post ID of the item. This cookie will be fresh for 24 hours. Content from external sources that are embedded inside the current page

If you incorporate embedded content (such as photographs, videos, or articles) from a separate website on our website, it will function in the same manner as it does on that site. If you log in to that website, gathering data about you will commence as soon as possible. Make use of cookies, and make sure to examine the interaction between those embedded pieces of material.

Personal Data

When you begin the registration process on our website, we will save the information you provide in your user profile. Your username is the only piece of personal data that cannot be changed or removed. Additionally, the administration is aware of the adjustments.

What kinds of things are you able to create with the data you have?

If you have written a remark or created an account, you have made it possible for others to quickly obtain a file containing your personal information. You can also request that any data about you stored on our website be removed.